Nuance Connected Capital is a new venture capital fund connecting exceptional New Zealand entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge they need to take their business global.

We invest in people over products, and enable our founders to accelerate growth by providing market access to global industry channels. Our goal is to find solutions to global problems which improve the earth or the way people live by helping New Zealand companies go global.

We empower Kiwi solutions to global problems

Global strategic market access

30 + years early stage investment experience

Smart, connected, founder-friendly capital 

Global company building expertise

Leaning into the Future

We build upon strong investment principles to enable forward-thinking, progressive solutions to big problems. We love bold, dynamic, innovative, and agile founders with a propensity for outside the box thinking. We understand what it takes for Kiwi businesses to succeed in going global in a time of great change.

Strategic and Long-term

We take a strategic approach, nurturing long-term relationships with both founders and investors. With strong connections to a global network of capital and industry channels spanning Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, we have the right relationships and knowledge to provide the strategic market access, deal-flow, and resources that Kiwi founders need.

People over Products

We invest in people over ventures. We hand-pick our entrepreneurs and help to unleash their full potential. Our mission is to support our founders through their entrepreneurial journey, by helping them to achieve their vision, solve problems, and scale their solutions to the world. Our success is our founders’ success.

Trusted Capital

Between our partners, we bring over 30 years of early stage investment skills and experience. We inspire trust and confidence. We bring care and discernment to our investments, and follow a strong due diligence process. Our global networks provide the business development, capital, talent, and mentoring our founders need to achieve their potential.

Why New Zealand?

NZ is at its formative stage of evolution as a global hub of innovation

Highest number of unicorns per early stage dollar invested

Agile and fast-moving, with a pioneering spirit of innovation borne out of distance

Untapped and undervalued startup ecosystem with a smart, educated talent pool

An advanced nation of early adopters, and test bed for international tech giants

Our Network

We bring strong market connections to partners across Southeast Asia, Japan, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our Values






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