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The Story of Nuance Connected Capital

The story of Nuance Connected Capital first began on an evening in 2019, when Adrien Gheur met Ngaio Merrick for the first time at an angel investors’ summit in Ōtautahi (Christchurch). The two chatted briefly that night, but it was long enough for favourable first impressions to form.  Adrien was impressed by Ngaio’s sharp intellect and direct yet genuine personality. Ngaio was initially struck by Adrien’s quiet intensity, with a laser focus on his ambition to create a venture fund ...

May 13, 2021

Ngaio’s Story: For the Love of People, Change, and Authenticity

Within New Zealand’s investment community, Ngaio Merrick has a reputation for being refreshingly direct. Alongside her ability to quickly forge genuine relationships, it is her knack for connecting with people and being exceptionally kind that she credits for her success in the investment sector, and it has played a part in her becoming New Zealand’s first female founding partner in a deep-tech venture capital fund. There are three things Ngaio credits for her direct yet kind manner of engag...

May 4, 2021

Adrien’s Story: Connecting New Zealand’s Talent to the World

Adrien Gheur jokes that when he tells people that he lived in eight different countries spread across four continents while growing up, they reply that his parents must have been diplomats, spies, or convicts.  The youngest of five children, Adrien has lived in South Africa, Canada, USA, Belgium, Hong Kong, UK, Indonesia, Singapore, and New Zealand, and much like his venture fund partner at Nuance Connected Capital, Ngaio Merrick, he spent his early childhood surrounded by many different ki...

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