We invest in deep tech - advanced engineering, science, innovation and blockchain - which improves the earth or people’s lives.

Advanced Manufacturing

Green Energy

Advanced Materials, Electronics & Photonics

Biotech & Medtech


A.I. & Blockchain

Our people-centric approach combined with global connectivity is core to our success. We follow a due diligence process to ensure that we minimise risk and determine precisely how to best work with our founders.

Our Founders

✓ Build exceptional teams, products, and services

✓ Passionate about solving the hard problems

✓ Visionary, capable, creative, confident, and self-aware

✓ Poised for incredible success

✓ Chasing a global market

Our Investors

✓ Believe in solving complex problems

✓ Well-connected and spread across the globe

✓ Understand NZ’s unique advantage

✓ Seek smart investments in an undervalued market

✓ Care about founder success, happiness, and wellbeing

✓ Based in family offices which provide tailored support

✓ High integrity and ready to help

Circular Relationship Building

Our network of founders and investors is constantly growing as the New Zealand startup ecosystem matures with the help of international partners.

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