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Ngaio Merrick

Ngaio Merrick

Managing Partner

Ngaio’s ethos is people first. She enjoys working closely with and supporting founders who are building a solution to global problem.  Ngaio is dedicated to accelerating the commercialisation of deep-tech innovation that improves the way we live and our planet.

Ngaio has strong networks in the deep-tech innovation ecosystem through her various governance roles.   Prior to starting Nuance, Ngaio managed the investment portfolio for Sir David Levene; she noticed Kiwi start-ups struggling to succeed offshore, to find beta customers and distribution partners around the globe.  This is why Nuance was born, to connect Kiwi Entrepreneurs to the world.

Mitali Purohit

Mitali Purohit

General Partner

Mitali has strong public and private sector experience in early-stage commercialisation, particularly deeptech. Most recently, Mitali led the $150M Technology Incubator Programme at Callaghan Innovation, where she oversaw deeptech commercialisation through a Government partnership with technology incubators. Previously Mitali led the establishment of the ArcAngels Fund while at Icehouse Ventures. Mitali is passionate about working with ventures that have strong social and environmental impact and is a staunch supporter of female entrepreneurship.

Andrew Williams


Our cornerstone investor, Alvarium is a multi-family office providing global tailored solutions for families, foundations, and institutions. Alvarium offers industry-leading expertise in investment advisory, private market investments and co-investment partnerships. 

Andrew Williams

Andrew is the managing director across all business streams within Alvarium including Alvarium Investments NZ, Alvarium Wealth and Pathfinder. He was the co-founder of Alvarium global. Andrew is also Chair of The Prince’s Trust NZ, a charity committed to youth development in New Zealand.


Our cornerstone investor, Elevate, is a sovereign fund of fund program, investing directly into venture capital firms; aimed at filling the Series A and B capital gap for high growth NZ tech companies. The fund is managed by NZGCP.

Matthew White

Matthew White

Financial Strategist

Matthew is a financial and investment executive with deep financial strategy, fund management and M&A experience from NZ and overseas.  Matthew has recently spent four years as the CFO of a NZ high-tech start-up where he provided financial and operational leadership, capital raising and shareholder/stakeholder management. Previously, Matthew spent his time working with early stage and private equity investments. His experience executing and managing investments, mergers and acquisitions and leading NZX public capital raises is an enormous asset for both the fund and our investment portfolio.

Randy Komisar

  • General Partner, Kleiner Perkins

  • Co-founder, Claris

  • Former CEO, Lucas Arts Entertainment

Dr Michelle Dickenson

  • Founder, Nanogirl Labs

  • Nanotechnologist and materials engineer

  • Scientific advisor

Adrien Gheur

  • Co-Founder, Nuance Connected Capital

  • Co-Founder, Maloekoe Ventures

  • Ex Goldman Sachs

  • Edmund Hillary Fellow

Nathan Bryant - Taukiri

  • Angel investor

  • Tech recruitment leader

  • Growth strategist and advisor

Te hono ki pae. 

Connections across horizons.


Irene Hao

Irene Hao

Senior Investment Analyst

Irene is an experienced Venture Analyst who is passionate about deep tech ventures and its potential to impact the status quo. Mostly recently, Irene led investment screening and preparation at Sprout, New Zealand’s Agritech and Food Technology Incubator and Accelerator. Irene has an M.Sc in Forensic Science, and strong experience as an Analytical Chemist both domestically and internationally. With a background in science and a love for people, Irene is a fantastic fit into the small but growing team.

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Chief Morale Officer

Responsible for ensuring every member of the team is greeted with a smile and a tail wag, Scout selects who she will sit next to based on the need of the individual for affection and attention each day.  Especially tenacious, Scout at her best when a ball has been released and does not give up until it has been returned to the foot of the thrower.  One of the 12% of dogs who can genuinely smile, the sight of her rows of white teeth generate a return smile from humans 100% of the time.

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