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Easy Crypto is New Zealand's leading cryptocurrency retail platform. ​Easy Crypto’s mission is to make crypto assets accessible and understandable for all, so everyone can get involved in the cryptocurrency market.


EnergyBank is a deep ocean gravitational energy storage company by deploying mass produced floating units (buoys) in deep ocean.


Quantifi Photonics is a technology and fabrication company that provides test & measurement instrumentation and bespoke solutions to the optical communications market.

Quantifi Photonics

UBCO Bikes is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of Utility Electric Vehicles (UEV) and battery technologies targeting enterprise and consumer markets.


Te hono ki pae. 

Connections across horizons.

Zenno Astronautics develop super magnets for space applications that ensure satellite missions are effectively managed, guaranteeing maximum economic returns and responsible use of space.


NanoLayr are a global leader in nanofiber technology. They develop scalable high performance functional textiles.


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