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We love people

At Nuance Connected Capital we focus on people when we make investments.

Understanding who we are investing in - as the ultimate factor for a successful company – is a critical part of our due diligence. We like to hear about their life, to explore how they came to be doing what they are doing. To know what motivates them, what is the superpower they bring and where they see holes in their knowledge. To hear who they listen to as mentors and advisors.

Equally important is to be fully aware of the leadership team’s capabilities, natural strengths, potential gaps and especially the communication dynamics. We actively work together with the team to uncover unforeseen (or misunderstood) resentment building behaviours and provide tools for removing them and increasing positive communication.

We believe a team which communicates well, is diverse in thinking and decision-making and accepts each other’s strengths is a high performing team most likely to succeed. The founders we work with have responded hugely positively to our many tools for doing this. One is a personality profile. Another is a safe word. Another is a walk on the beach with our Chief Morale Officer, Scout the dog. We love people, people, people. And dogs.


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