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Welcome to the Team!

The Nuance Team is growing and it’s a pleasure to welcome Irene Hao to the team as our Investment Analyst. Irene is an experienced Venture Analyst who is passionate about deep tech ventures and their potential to impact the status quo.

Irene has MSc in Forensic Science, and strong experience as Analytical Chemist both domestically and internationally. Nuance is absolutely thrilled to have Irene’s unique practical experience in commercialisation which will be invaluable for assessing deep-tech start-ups.

With a background in science and a love for people, Irene is a fantastic fit into the small but growing team. She will be working closely with deep tech founders and ventures to help them reach the global stage. If you’re in our eco system, Irene will be reaching out to connect…



Interested to learn more?

Te hono ki pae. 

Connections across horizons.

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