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Zenno $10.5 Million Seed Round

Zenno Astronautics is gearing up to create force in space! Zenno has developed a powerful electromagnet that will allow spacecraft to move without the need for fuel.

We have had the pleasure in working with Zenno team over the last six months and are super excited to (finally) announce NZ $10.5M seed funding round co-led by Nuance Connected Capital and GD1 (Global From Day One). Other investors joining the mission include Shasta Ventures, NZ Growth Capital Partners, K1W1, Austrian billionaire Wolfgang Leitner, Alt Ventures, Enterprise Angels, and NZVC. The funding will enable Zenno to launch its technology in orbit on a demonstration mission in Q4 of 2023!

Peter Crabtree, the founder of the New Zealand Space Agency, has joined as board chairman. Mitali Purohit and Vignesh Kumar will join as Investor Directors.

Congratulations Max ArshavskyReuben BrownFrancis Moynihan Lavey and Sebastian Wieczorek!

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